Club night is Tuesday.

Our aim is to build fitness using a variety of sessions during the year, mixing speed, strength and endurance. All sessions are designed to meet the full range of appetites and abilities.

There are two time slots so pick whichever is suitable. The meeting point for both sessions is usually the Harwich Rugby Club. Each session contains warm up and cool down activities.

Please bear in mind...

We like to offer a variety of sessions in different locations around Dovercourt and Harwich during the year and some of these take place in residential areas, where traffic roams free and street lighting could be better: please respect the community, please bear safety in mind and wear hi-viz clothing.

DateTraining Description
28-01-206.30pm: Dennis - Paarlauf 8pm: Intervals in teams of 3 on the Gordon Rd circuit. Coach - Miranda
04-02-206.30pm: Dennis - Lampposts (3 out, 2 back; Low Rd route) 8pm: Progressive tempo running. 2 x 15 min intervals using a circuit around Harbour Cres/Mayflower Ave/Main Rd. The aim will be to run each lap faster than the last during each interval, and you will be given a time check on each lap. 5 mins active recovery between sets to regroup back at the start point. Coach - Becky
11-02-206.30pm: Dennis - 3 loops (Gordon Way circuit) 8pm: Paarlauf on the Vineway circuit - 1st of the year! Coach - Peter
18-02-206.30pm: Dennis - Resting pool (Vineway circuit) 8pm: Mile reps. Coach - Elspeth
25-02-206.30pm: Dennis - 1km reps 8pm: Hill circuits at the Vineway. Coach - Peter
03-03-206.30pm: Dennis - 2 hill challenge 8pm: The Stinger. A continuous session in 3 parts. 2 miles tempo, followed by a set of hill reps and finishing with the "sting" - a flat out 800m on the prom. Coach - Becky
10-03-206.30pm: Dennis - Fartlek 8pm: Kilometre reps. Coach - Richard
17-03-206.30pm: Dennis - 3 2 1 distance session 8pm: Group fartlek run around 1 lap of the Harwich half marathon course. Swedish for speedplay, fartlek running involves unstructured intervals that can vary in time, distance and intensity. In small groups of similar ability, you will take on a lap of the course and take it in turns to choose the effort for the group. Coach - Becky
24-03-206.30pm: Dennis - The Stinger 8pm: Round The Block. An interval session using a square course (Hall Ln/Fronks Rd/The Drive/Wick Ln). Run hard along 2 sides of the square, then jog back one side to recover. Repeat, working your way around the block. Coach - Richard
31-03-206.30pm: Dennis - Paarlauf 8pm: Hills. Coach - Miranda
07-04-206.30pm: Dennis - Killer chain session on the seafront 8pm: Paarlauf on the Vineway. Coach - Peter
14-04-206.30pm: Dennis - Figure of 8 session on the Briardale estate 8pm: "Bus stops" - an interval session in pairs. Coach - Elspeth
21-04-206.30pm: Dennis - 15 minute fitness test on the Low Rd route again, to measure your progress since January. 8pm: 15 min fitness test, followed by a short hill drill relay. A chance to check your progress so far this season. Coach - Becky
28-04-20Guest coach, therefore a combined session for the 6.30pm and 8pm groups. Meet at 6.45 for notices, training to start from 7pm. Session will be coached by Kieran Clements, who will be putting us through our paces in a 5km specific session, plus giving a Q&A session afterwards. Given that he has competed internationally and has a 5km PB of 13:53, it is safe to say this is one not to be missed to get you ready for the 1st 5km of the series next week!

Steve Cooper