Club night is Tuesday.

Our aim is to build fitness using a variety of sessions during the year, mixing speed, strength and endurance. All sessions are designed to meet the full range of appetites and abilities.

There are two time slots so pick whichever is suitable. The meeting point for both sessions is usually the Harwich Rugby Club. Each session contains warm up and cool down activities.

Please bear in mind...

We like to offer a variety of sessions in different locations around Dovercourt and Harwich during the year and some of these take place in residential areas, where traffic roams free and street lighting could be better: please respect the community, please bear safety in mind and wear hi-viz clothing.

DateTraining Description
24-09-196.30 Hill Enduro 8.00 Hill Enduro Coach Miranda
01-10-196.30 Mystery session 8.00 Stinger Coach Becky
08-10-196.30 Intervals 8.00 Round the block
15-10-196.30 3,2,1 8.00 Lamp-posts
22-10-196.30 Hills 8.00 Hills
29-10-196.30 Endurance 8.00 1 km reps Coach Peter
05-11-196.30 Paarlauf 8.00 Paarlauf Coach Peter
12-11-196.30 15 mins FT 8.00 AGM
19-11-196.30 3,2,1 8.00 4 station circuit Coach Miranda
26-11-196.30 Round the block 8.00 Round the block
03-12-196.30 Hill Enduro 8.00 Hills
10-12-196.30 Sprints 8.00 Mile reps
17-12-196.30 1 km reps 8.00 Treasure Hunt?

Steve Cooper