Rules of the Best New Member Award.

The object of this award is to reward new members during a maximum of the first two years of their membership.

The 2010 award will be open to members who joined the club after the AGM 2008. Eligible members will be identified by the committee and notified. This process will continue in future years, for example, the 2011 award will be open to members who joined after the 2009 AGM; the 2012 award will be for members who join after the AGM 2010 and so on. Members will no longer be eligible for this award after they have been a member for two AGM's, regardless of when they join.

Example: (assuming that the AGM is in November each year).

Runner A joins December 2009, he is eligible for the award during 2010 and 2011. It is possible that a member who joined after the AGM 2009 could win the 2010 and 2011 award.

Runner B joins September 2010, she is eligible for the award during 2011 only, having been a member at the 2010 and 2011 AGM. This may seem somewhat unfair but this is because the award is scored on races run between AGM's. In theory this runner could attempt to win the 2010 award but it is an unlikely outcome due to the fact that they are only a member for two months before the end of the eligible period for the 2010 award. To make this workable we had to define the eligible period and this was decided to be from one AGM until the next.

The award will be judged on races over three distances, 5K, 5 miles and 10 miles. Runners can choose their best performances over these distances at the end of the eligible period. Scores will based on the Club Standards as follows. If a runner achieves a Gold Class 1 they will score 20 points, a Gold Class 2 will score 19 through to a Bronze Class 3 scoring 12 points, (each class from gold 1 to bronze 3 reduces by one point).

Example: A male 41 year old joins the club and during the first year of membership his best races over the distances are as follows. (Refer to the Club Standards on the club web site). 5K race in 22.45, Bronze Class 1 equals 14 points. 5 mile race in 40.30, Bronze Class 2 equals 13 points. 10 mile race in 77.30, Bronze Class 1 equals 14. Therefore this runner has scored 41 points, (14 + 13 +14).

Only races with a certificate confirming the accuracy of the distance will be eligible.

As a member do not concern yourself if you do not fully understand the above. All you need to do is keep a record of your best time over the three distances during the year. A member of the committee will calculate your position in the club standards and work out your score. The above has been worded in this way in an attempt to cover every eventuality.