Confirmed Entries

Race NumberNameClubPBCounty
0Abigail RaynerGrange Farm 40:00Yes
0Laura Fosker48:00Yes
0Mandy Worth54:00Yes
0Stephen Dixon Ipswich Jaffa RC:33Yes
0Caroline Fostet45:00Yes
0Wayne Smee43:00Yes
0Jackie WatshamJME:00Yes
0Sylvia WhalleyJogging Made Easy:00Yes
0Steven WatsonWitham Running Club34:00Yes
0Brennie Ilford AC55:34Yes
0Rhoan GabbidonIlford Ac37:59Yes
0Adam Welsford38:23Yes
0Steve HankinsonBraintree And District AC40:39Yes
0Richard GriggsHarwich Runners38:00No
0Charlotte Paget39:00Yes
0Jamie Richmond:00Yes
0Clayton Fosker35:00No
0Bradley HarveyCraigs Layer Bootcamp:00No
0Marie Paveley42:02Yes
0Teresa MorseLayer Bootcamp27:36Yes
0Brian VentonBenfleet 32:26Yes
0Samantha VentonBenfleet47:39Yes
0Edward SkinnerTiptree Road Runners37:18Yes
0Julia BaconWitham RC50:00Yes
0David Hale38:40Yes
0Richard MeadGrange Farm Dunmow Runners30:00No
0Lee ProwseGrange Farm Dunmow37:25Yes
0Pete RilleyWitham RC29:29Yes
0Luca PredebonGrange Farm Dunmow Runners33:58Yes
0Emily PredebonGrange Farm Dunmow Runners37:31Yes
0Vanessa HarveyCraigs Layer Bootcamp51:31No
0Mark ThomasBraintree And District 50:00Yes
0Craig SegalHarlow Running Club:00Yes
0Rebecca PittmanSpringfield Striders34:10Yes
0Nikki Hyland:00Yes
0Gerry BorleyBraintree District Athletics Club44:11Yes
0Paul CrossRunning Colchester 57:00No
0Chris CookeSaint Edmund Pacers29:01No
0Helen AllanCraigs Bootcamp45:00Yes
0Kathy BarfieldHarwich Runners49:17Yes
0John TennantHarlow Running Club29:18Yes
0RosannaJogging Made Easy :00Yes
0Georgie Jemmeson:00Yes
0Maria KernottRunning Colchester:00Yes
0Yvonne Scott75:59Yes
0Susanne WattsRunning Colchester:00Yes
0Arthur WhistonColchester Harriers32:00Yes
0Daniel WilkinsonColchester Harriers34:47Yes
0Alan WellbeloveHarlow Running Club37:44Yes
0Mark FinbowSouth London Harriers29:00No
0Paul TaylorJogging Made Easy40:30Yes
0Steve LangleyIpswich Jaffa29:18No
0Charlotte JonesNone:00Yes
0Hayley LamkinSouthend AC34:34Yes
0Debbie MitchellBraintree District Athletics Club44:21Yes
0Wendy Welsford:00Yes
0Glyn Graves:00Yes
0Karen MartinHarwich Runners46:11Yes
0Jane AtkinsonGrange Farm Dunmow Runners:00Yes
0Robert DoyleThurrock Harriers29:54Yes
0Stephen Bland38:30No
0Robin Fussell50:00No
0Marcus TurnerHarwich Runners 45:11Yes
0Theresa HowePitsea Running Club42:55Yes
0Lindsey ColmanSouthend AC33:00Yes
0Rob PageIpswich Jaffa Running Club32:56No
0Rachael HamblynIpswich JAFFA34:04No
0Kerry HollandSouthend Ac 29:50Yes
0Mark Clements Ipswich Jaffa28:52No
0Paul OmerPitsea RC41:00Yes
0Paul MitchellThurrock Harriers33:00Yes
0Raoul GranthamBraintree And District AC38:18Yes
0Stuart PhillipsBraintree Athletic Club36:00Yes
0Michelle PhillipsBraintree Athletic Club38:00Yes
0Greg TyeBraintree And District AC31:38Yes
0Lynn Thomas Braintree And District 55:19Yes
0Beverley CookBraintree And District Athletics52:00No
0Martin CookBraintree And District AC42:50Yes
0John HollandBraintree And District Ac:35Yes
0Kate DavisBraintree District Athletics Club:00Yes
0Declan CullenIlford AC35:13Yes
0Sandra LedwithBraintree And District Athletics55:00No
0Ross Chadwick:00No
0Ross BoyerBDAC30:44No
0Valentina BurleyHarwich Runners44:05Yes
0Beckii Caldwell-PearceClacton Seafront Runners60:00Yes
0Toby DraperThurrock Harriers:00Yes
0Edward Shortridge43:00Yes
0Wesley AtkinsHalstead Road Runners30:01Yes
0Christine WagerWitham Running Club44:52Yes
0Chris WagerWitham Running Club:00Yes
0Kayleigh BeedonBraintree37:38Yes
0David LindsaySpringfield Striders30:00Yes
0Simon KingGrange Farm Dunmow Runners35:12Yes
0Andrew LowBenfleet Running Club29:00Yes
0Ellis Rankin:00Yes
0Matthew Rankin:00Yes
0Bill SmytheWitham RC33:30Yes
0Jo SmytheWitham RC40:02Yes
0Lucy Frary49:40Yes
0Sue BeckThurrock Harriers 39:00No
0Becky McCorquodaleHarwich Runners31:33Yes
0Andrea FountainBraintree District Athletics Club55:00Yes
0Kurtis SwanBraintree District Athletics Club27:50Yes
0Adrian CrooksFifty Three Twelve:00Yes
0Mark RutterHarwich Runners29:43Yes
0Scott SterlingSpringfield Striders:00Yes
0Simon GoldsmithIpswich JAFFA34:07No
0Stacey LaneClacton Seafront Runners:00Yes
0Jean WierHarwich53:00Yes
0Adnan KarimIlford AC39:55Yes
0Natasha MansouriIlford AC48:00Yes
0Philip WoodBraintree District Athletics Club41:50Yes
0Alan FullertonGrange Farm Dunmow Runners:00Yes
0Innes FullertonBraintree And District AC29:59Yes
0Nichola TaylorClacton Seafront Runners44:00Yes
0Charlotte ElmsWitham Running Club:00Yes
0Dave Howe35:00Yes
0Heather ImpeyPhoenix Striders48:00Yes
0Mark DennyHound And Hen:00Yes
0John HardyGrange Farm Dunmow Runners34:21Yes
0Michelle MoorcroftTeamtogether60:00Yes
0Christine EdgooseBraintree44:07Yes
0Ben MillerWitham RC50:00Yes
0Colin MoodyHarlow Running Club31:40Yes
0Treena HarringtonHalstead Road Runners42:00Yes
0Lucy Rankin:00Yes
0Debbie Westland:00Yes
0Matt DaveyTiptree Road Runners32:45Yes
0Andrew HorlockBarking Road Runners27:33Yes
0Richard FlutterColchester Harriers Ac30:00Yes
0Ben CloverTiptree Road Runners:00Yes
0Hayley MorleyGrange Farm43:15Yes
0Tracey GeorgeHarwich Runners:00Yes
0Gemma CannClacton Seafront Runners Yes
0Kerry HarringtonGrange Farm Dunmow Runners34:00Yes
0Jennifer Metcalf:00Yes
0Anthony EdwardsHound And Hen Runners40:00Yes
0Andrea JamesColchester Harriers 31:47Yes
0Leanne Bright:00Yes
0Gary Michael CahillThurrock Harriers33:27No
0LewisRunning Colchester35:00Yes
0Paul CardenTeam Carden50:21Yes
0Simon CardenTeam Carden46:20Yes
0Dinky ClarkRunning Colchester52:00Yes
0Mel OgburnMRG69:45Yes
0Amanda Marman MRG65:00No
0Daryl Coulson :00Yes
0Becky GrimwoodWitham Running Club:00Yes
0Ricky ONeillIpswich Jaffa33:48No
0Joanne Tyrrel 60:00No
0Lisa Meaney:00Yes
0Harry Young38:40Yes
0Sharon Bates:00Yes
0Mark Johnson 41:00Yes
0Beth Malinowska:00Yes
0Matt DoranHarwich Runners35:00Yes
0Sarah Woodward44:00Yes
0Aaron Peck30:13Yes
0Steve CooperHarwich Runners28:00Yes
0Scott BrianHarwich Runners:00Yes
0John OldfieldHolme Pierrepont RC37:17No
0David EverardBraintree Athletics:00Yes
0Cheryl Barnes Runny 63:00No
0Jules LawrenceHarwich Runners37:02Yes
0Claire LawrenceHarwich Runners:00Yes
0Kelly Harvey:00Yes
0Dave CoxWoodford Green ACwEL24:36Yes
0Hayley PeggChelmsford 33:00Yes
0Neil Addington40:00Yes
0Niall BurkeHarwich Runners37:00Yes
0Eleanor BurkeHarwich Runners37:00Yes
0Derek HoodIpswich Jaffa RC33:20No
0Mark Frost 37:00Yes
0Carl Temme48:00Yes
0Ada McMahon 45:00Yes
0Tanya StraightNone:00Yes
0Barry Shaw35:43Yes
0Antony KarasGrange Farm And Dunmow34:26Yes
0Keith RojasNone50:50No
0Jus Rishworth43:00Yes
0Jackie StrettonSpringfield Striders31:30Yes
0Anthony Chatters32:00Yes
0Nichola NormanSpringfield Striders AC39:00Yes
0Kevin FitchettHarwich Runners 39:00Yes
0Jamie Rose51:00Yes
0Donna Wood:00Yes
0Sandi Robinson MillerHalstead RRC42:30Yes
0Rebecca McVeliaTiptree Road Runners:00Yes
0James CrispWitham RC29:30Yes
0Hayley EllenWitham Running Club:00Yes
0Kieran CallaghanColchester Harriers37:25Yes
0Patrick DinwiddySpringfield Striders33:55Yes
0Sandra MayhewStowmarket Striders39:38No
0Angela BrinkleyStow39:38Yes
0Nicola Rayner48:00Yes
0Hannah GibsonHaywards Heath Harriers 35:00No
0Ben GibsonHaywards Heath Harriers 28:00No
0David Ford39:45Yes
0John BootyGBRC:00Yes
0Kim Booty Great Bentley :00Yes
0David YoungTendring Trotters34:00Yes
0Clare YoungTendring Trotters40:00Yes
0Julia Rockell Clacton Seafront Runners 46:48No
0Vicky Moore:00No
0Wayne Fussell60:00Yes
0Michelle Fussell65:00Yes
0Liam RobinsonFetcheveryone45:00Yes
0Gary PerrymanTiptree Road Runners34:15Yes
0Cliff Adams None45:00Yes
0Joe McGrathBASILDON AC:00Yes
0Christine InchOrion Harriers34:00Yes
0Julian Fabian Ilford AC33:34Yes
0Paul PrestonColchester Harriers AC28:13Yes
0Ayse Singh:00Yes
0Mark HughesStowmarket Striders 34:00Yes
0Carrie HookHarwich Runners37:45Yes
0Mark LloydHarwich Runners28:32Yes
0Alex Cable:00Yes
0Tim Green:00Yes
0Andrew ConwayTiptree Road Runners29:44Yes
0Sue CrossRunning Colchester 45:00Yes
0Hannah WatsonBenfleet RC35:00Yes
0Andrew WatsonBenfleet RC38:00Yes
0Louise Wright49:00Yes
0Angela WaltonHarwich Runners:00Yes
0Liz SmithHarwich Runners44:06Yes
0Katie HolmesHarwich Runners39:23Yes
0Keith MarleyColchester Harriers AC29:53Yes
0Thomas CareyNorwich Road Runners:00No
0James WatersonColchester Harriers31:00Yes
0Christopher PurseSpringfield Striders Rc:46Yes
0Annette OakmanColchester Harriers:00Yes
0Robert Singh44:42Yes
0Paul RodgersColchester Harriers AC28:46Yes
0Rachel RodgersColchester Harriers AC48:00No
0Muriel LoveringNA 45:25Yes
0Jack AxfordJogging Made Easy 36:53Yes
0Ryan DayGBRC30:00Yes
0Jon Boyles:00Yes
0Satha AlaganandasundaramIlford AC37:11Yes
0Francis MillsHarwich Runners35:29Yes
0Kris DalbyHarwich Runners45:00No
0Tristram Singh:00No
0Sarah Morgan57:00Yes
0Mark Farmer40:00Yes
0Paul SmithHarwich Runners43:00Yes
0Andrew WillamsonEaling Eagles Running Club34:40No
0Chris Peck:00No
0Madeline LewisHarwich Runners33:54Yes
0Sandy KarlWitham RC48:00Yes
0Rebecca BootyWitham Running Club 37:52Yes
0Stacey PalmerBDAC:00Yes
0Rebecca WhiteSaffron Striders RC31:00Yes
0Andrew Ross:39Yes
0Donal MoranMornington Chasers30:26No
0Kana AkimotoNorth East Runners Dundalk35:00No
0Colin TesterSevenoaks Athletics Club39:59Yes
0Conner BilnerIpswich Jaffa Rc40:00No
0Stephen Brame Springfield Striders 39:00Yes
0Abigail MorganColchester Harriers38:03Yes
0Cheryl Macdonald Pitsea RC41:00Yes
0Nicola ChallisHarwich Runners39:00Yes
0Tim MartinThurrock Harriers:00Yes
0Paul NewmanRushmere Community Runners:00No
0Simon FordColchester Harriers32:21Yes
0Carol MuirIlford Ac 43:12Yes
0David Kennedy44:00Yes
0Jack WildersClacton Seafront Runners48:00No
0Sarah PearceClacton Seafront Runners:00Yes
0Daniel Foley:00Yes
0Sadie Moore36:02Yes
0David GraingerWitham Running Club43:19Yes
0Paul ConnellGreat Bentley 31:04Yes
0Colin LawrenceNone43:45Yes
0Simon MorganColchester Harriers27:29Yes
0Barry Moss Sea Wall Striders 58:35Yes
0Jennifer Rudman44:00No
0Sarah GoodwinSpringfield Striders41:15Yes
0Simon ScottWitham Running Club33:49Yes
0Phill ClarkeTiptree Road Runners32:39No
0Geoffrey ReddinWitham Running Club48:00Yes
0Rebecca BucklesIpswich Triathlon Club57:17Yes
0Jacqui KettleHarwich Runners55:00Yes
0Bernard Johnson Thurrock Harriers 34:48Yes
0Val HaynesRunning Colchester:00Yes
0Aiko HeningtonColchester Harriers AC30:48Yes
0Kathryn BerryWimbledon Windmilers36:42No
0Guy SurteesWimbledon Windmilers32:30No
0Pam JonesIlford A C:00Yes
0Martin AtkinsonGrange Farm And Dunmow30:00Yes
0Stephen MartinIpswich JAFFA30:00Yes
0Danielle HarringtonTiptree Road Runners :00Yes
0Simon GarnerHarwich Runners:00Yes
0Helen Wigley47:54Yes
0Rachel JacksonTiptree Road Runners41:11No
0David HuntWitham Running Club29:01Yes
0Alan PearlIlford Athletics Club37:37Yes
0Joshua SowmanGrangefarm And Dunmow Runners30:14Yes
0Aimee BrinzerWitham Running Club:00Yes
0Frieda KeaneIlford AC46:00Yes
0Andy BradleyHarlow Running Club35:00Yes
0Mark Lynch Witham Running Club35:00Yes
0Liz StuckeyWitham Running Club33:56Yes
0Alex StuckeyWitham Running Club32:07Yes
0Edward MitchellColchester Harriers:00Yes
0Miranda RaynerHarwich Runners50:00Yes
0Scott DrydenSpringfield Striders29:44Yes
0Stephen PhilcoxIlford Ac28:04Yes
0Julie GillenderIlford Ac52:00Yes
0Adrian FellHarlow Running Club32:03Yes
0Sharon WrightHarlow Running Club33:30Yes
0Alex SmithHarlow Running Club31:00Yes
0Daniel AgerIpswich Jaffa36:24No
0Anna ReichwaldRanelagh Harriers39:20No
0Meryl ScrivenerGreat Bentley75:00Yes
0Fay SmallsColchester Harriers Athletics Club40:00Yes
0Danny MillwardColchester Harriers28:51No
0Phil Munro 27:02No
0Peter Fraser-HopewellHarwich Runners42:00No
0Nicholas RankinBenfleet Running Club30:00Yes
0Jus Rishworth43:00Yes
0Frances WebsterBenfleet Running Club40:00Yes
0Annette Johnson Benfleet Rc41:30Yes
0Steve MayHalstead Road Runners :00Yes
0Gary CoombesIlford AC29:00Yes
0Alan ClarkBenfleet RC29:09Yes
0Sinead ClarkBenfleet RC32:28Yes
0James CaldonBenfleet Running Club 26:50Yes
0Stephen Burton Benfleet Running Club 39:30Yes
0Keith ScrivenerGreat Bentley75:00Yes
0Glenda JacksonGrange Farm Dunmow Runners43:38Yes
0Colin JacksonGrange Farm Dunmow Runners35:29Yes
0Kara Edhouse ThomasIpswich Jaffa RC50:56No
0Chris BurgoyneSpringfield Striders26:36Yes
0Todd LewisSudbury Joggers32:30No
0Angela Read59:15Yes
0Silvana AdwentTeam Together52:46Yes
0Lucy Davies:00Yes
0Richard TillerHalstead Road Runners:33Yes
0Andrew Mills54:27Yes
0Charlotte MayHalstead Road Runners :00Yes
0Jennifer TurkSpringfield Striders44:39Yes
0Charlotte KingGrange Farm Dunmow Runners:38Yes
0Karen PickeringGrange Farm Dunmow Runners35:35Yes
0Henrietta ButcherGrange Farm Dunmow Runers:00Yes
0Ian LintonTiptree Road Runners34:10Yes
0Tim WoulfeBraintree And District AC26:31Yes
0Ben HoldgateBraintree And District AC30:00Yes
0Malcolm MuirIlford Ac26:06Yes
0Giles SowerbyWitham RC31:40Yes
0Steve HenningsWitham RC35:00Yes
0Martina ByrneWithm RC40:00Yes
0James MontgomeryWitham RC34:55Yes
0Scott DarneyWitham Running Club30:07Yes
0Donna MorrisSpringfield Striders RC36:00Yes
0Colin ShortWitham Running Club29:56Yes
0Mark AustinWitham Running Club32:50Yes
0Emma SweeneyWitham Running Club43:23Yes
0Simon DayHarwich Runners30:00Yes
0Stephen PeckHarwich Runners28:19Yes
0David SmithSpringfield Striders25:15Yes
0Terry KnightleyILFORD ATHLETIC CLUB26:45Yes
0Elizabeth DaviesSpringfield Striders 28:08Yes
0Russell DaviesSpringfield Striders 27:23Yes
0Peter Robinson Springfield Striders :26Yes
0Malcolm BaileyTiptree Road Runners29:40Yes
0John McVeliaTiptree Road Runners42:00Yes
0Graeme MoonTiptree Road Runners36:13Yes
0Paul MingayTiptree Road Runners27:30Yes
0Fiona HallsSaffron Striders31:10Yes
0Marianne NaylorSaffron Striders 32:30Yes
0Anita GraingerWitham Running Club39:38Yes
0James BosherGrange Farm And Dunmow27:01Yes
0Antony GoodallSpringfield Striders RC28:15Yes
0Alex MantonSpringfield Striders27:43Yes
0Gill Winsor Dengie Hundred Runners45:00Yes
0Emily PenkettSpringfield Striders40:42Yes
0Stuart RavenSpringfield Striders28:21Yes
0Barbara McDonnellDengie Hundred Runners41:00Yes
0Chris McDonnellDengie Hundred Runners35:00Yes
0Natasha LagdenSouthend Athletic Club33:57Yes
0Jez DownsHarwich Runners39:11No
0Steve ChurchyardBenfleet RC32:34Yes
0David StevensWitham Running Club30:00Yes
0David CampbellWitham Running Club30:22Yes
0Graham EyreWitham Running Club42:40Yes
0KAREN ALLWORTHTYOrion Harriers38:00Yes
0David MasonWitham Running Club:00Yes
0Natalie LilleyWitham RC53:39Yes
0Tanya CreganWitham Running Club :00Yes
0Heydon Mizon Witham 29:11Yes
0Leo ColeWitham RC29:42Yes
0Carina TaylorWitham Running Club39:54Yes
0Lee BlakeWitham Running Club38:45Yes
0Hayley EllenWitham RC36:42Yes
0Nik BainbridgeWitham RC36:02Yes
0Nicola HopkinsonIlford AC35:00Yes
0Kevin JudgeBenfleet Running Club:00Yes
0Daniel ReynoldsGrange Farm And Dunmow29:36Yes
0Emily SmithSpringfield Striders 33:44Yes
0Lee PembrokeWitham Running Club33:50Yes
0Stephen ParkerIlford34:10Yes
0Robin McCoySpringfield Striders29:48Yes
0Rachel SweattWitham Running Club31:08Yes
0Bob JousiffeOrion Harriers40:00Yes
0John TiniakosHarwich Runners 38:53No
0Elspeth KnottHarwichRunners:00Yes
0Christina PrettyHarwich Runners50:00No
0Kim PrettyHarwich Runners42:00No
0Stephen ChealIlford AC:00Yes
0Dennis WarnerHarwich Runners35:00Yes
0Kelly PeckHarwich Runners50:14Yes
0Peter MillsHarlow Running Club44:18Yes
0Alison EvansHarwich Runners41:20Yes
0Ian CannonsHarwich Runners33:30Yes
0James SmithHalstead Road Runners27:13Yes
0Michael Breame:00Yes
0Maria WatkinsSea Wall Striders:00No
0Amanda AliSea Wall Striders:00No
0Alan GardnerHarwich Runners 37:55Yes
0Karl Leach Harwich Runners 43:20Yes
0Sarah Pennington Southend Athletics Club 32:39Yes
0Axel VoigtHalstead Road Runners46:00Yes
0Bee HarrisSea Wall Striders:50No
0Stuart DarneySpringfield Striders36:28Yes
0Toni RadleyThurrock Harriers32:39Yes
0Hayley Rogerson Orion Harriers 32:07Yes
0Peter ChubbSpringfield Striders30:36Yes
0Mark BoultonEast London Runners28:10Yes
0Alex BensonSpringfield Striders29:38Yes
0Nicole SmithHalstead Road Runners40:09Yes
0Paul DobsonSpringfield Striders RC25:22Yes
0Meryl DobsonUnattached42:00No
0Michael Undrill31:28Yes
0Julie RoutSudbury Joggers:00No
0Caroline TuckDagenham Eighty Eight Runners34:07Yes
0Lesley SoamesSeawall Striders45:00Yes
0Tessa BatesSea Wall Striders:52Yes
0Heather RiggSea Wall Striders:00Yes
0Mark NixonSea Wall Striders 48:04No
0Anne HerbertHarwich Runners42:03Yes
0Kim BerrySeawall Striders:00Yes
0Marie GirdlestoneSeawall Striders:00Yes
0David GirdlestoneSeawall Striders:00Yes
0HAnnah ParkerSea Wall Striders:00No
0Elizabeth DunlopSea Wall Striders :00Yes
0Melissa SmithSea Wall Striders53:00No
0Angie Edwards Sea Wall Striders :00Yes
0Ian BoltonHarwich Runners39:49Yes
0Laura WhiteSea Wall Striders:00Yes
0Robert ReasonHarwich Runners26:36Yes
0Kirsty Lucas:00Yes
0Hayley Rook 50:00Yes
0Ernie ForsythIlford35:00Yes
0Christopher ApplegateThurrock Harriers29:35Yes
0Melanie Candler Halstead Road Runners 37:41Yes
0Sarah GrabowskiBenfleet Running Club 35:06Yes
0Nell McCreadieBrightlingsea Seawall Striders:00No
0Richard Labdon61:10No
0Sarah Collins :46No
0Andrew CattonIlford AC23:00Yes
0Anna AndersonHarwich Runners 45:00Yes
0Anthony NixonIlford AC25:05Yes
0Jodie FarrellThurrock Harriers35:01Yes
0Ben Wier36:32No
0Sasha RushWitham Running Club:00Yes
0Beverley LeslieJogging Made Easy53:00Yes
0Kris Wills50:00No
0Jo CoatesSaint Edmund Pacers29:18No
0James WrightSpringfield Striders RC28:30Yes
0Bob LangleyHalstead Road Runners33:00Yes
0Jeni NoakesSea Wall Striders75:00Yes
0Alan NoakesSea Wall Striders45:00Yes
0Claire BransbyHarwich Runners39:00Yes
0Dennis Briggs Ilford AC34:30Yes
0Michael BallHarwich Runners40:00Yes
0Michael Bumstead Thurrock Harriers 31:30Yes
0Launa BroadleyIlford AC51:00Yes
0Paul HollowayIlford AC30:00Yes
0Nicola Ranson Springfield Striders36:00Yes
0Hayley Dawn SmithGrangefarm And Dunmow Runners35:52Yes
0John E SmithGrangefarm And Dunmow Runners36:51Yes
0Simon HumphreyHalstead Road Runners40:00Yes
0Jason LilleyWitham RC50:18Yes
0Stuart AshworthHalstead Road Runners40:00Yes
0Rachael Roughan Halstead Road Runners36:30Yes
0Lee AllenHarwich Runners32:36Yes
0Alison ManleyHarwich Runners 55:00Yes
0Michael TurnerHarwich Runners:53Yes
0Claudine BensteadHarwich Runners34:00Yes
0Rachel Jarvis37:18Yes
0Rebecca Jarvis45:38Yes
0Graham Proctor :00Yes
0Jim ReedHarwich Runners37:01Yes
0Andrew RaynorColchester Harriers 30:30Yes
0William HainingHarwich Runners32:08Yes
0Jon GreenleyHalstead Road Runners32:50Yes
0Doris Gaga Ilford AC41:08Yes
0Owen DareWitham Running Club30:00Yes
0Jon ByfordSpringfield Striders30:16Yes
0Tania StaceyBoxted Runners47:00Yes
0Ciaran Saunders28:30No
0Paul DellarTiptree Road Runners31:47Yes
0Vic CurrenSpringfield Striders RC33:35Yes
0Clive Pemberton39:00No
0Zoe ReynoldsSea Wall Striders70:00Yes
0Steve ManleyHarwich Runners :00Yes
0Angus HolfordWoodford Green ACwEL:00Yes
0Lynn Tanner Springfield Striders :00Yes
0Hannah JarvisHarwich Runners:00Yes
0Neil MosesHavering Joggers37:26Yes
0Alan WicksHavering Joggers45:11Yes
0Steve BugdenSpringfield Striders36:20Yes
0Paul KingSpringfield Striders R C45:00Yes
0Mark HowardColchester Harriers AC:00Yes
0Jeremy DownsHarwich Runners39:00Yes
0Patrick BrownEast London Runners 27:27Yes
0Paul QuintonEast London Runners27:49Yes
0Rachael Vickers48:30No
0Elaine TribleySpringfield Striders:00Yes
0Neil CrispIlford Athletic Club29:30Yes
0Mark BabbageSpringfield Striders40:39Yes
0Hannah HuntSea Wall Striders 50:00Yes
0John CrawleyIlford AC32:28Yes
0Caroline ForsterSeawall Striders :00Yes
0Vicky KempSeawall Striders:00No
0Linzi IddonSea Wall Striders 56:00Yes
0Mandy WatsonSea Wall Striders:00Yes
0Joanne MorrisSea Wall Striders:00Yes
0Clare Wallington Sea Wall Striders:00Yes
0Mark Wallington Sea Wall Striders:00Yes
0Henry WallingtonSea Wall Striders:00Yes
0Helen Coe Sea Wall Striders Yes
0Helen NunnSea Wall Striders:00Yes
0Sadie Moore35:00Yes
0Emma RichbellSudbury Joggers 55:00No
0Matthew Fairweather31:34Yes
0Roger Wiseman35:00Yes
0Mark GrindrodClacton Seafront Runners 50:00Yes
0Dianne CrispIlford Athletic Club38:30Yes
0Carlie QiremIlford Ac36:31Yes
0Michael SommerladGreat Bentley R C47:29Yes
0Kerry MavrisHarlow Running Club44:00Yes
0Grahame WalkingshawJogging Made Easy30:00No
0Richard Chisnall39:59Yes
0Les SmithRunning Colchester44:00Yes
0Jeff Higgon38:00Yes
0Jo HiggonHarwich Runners44:30Yes
0Tracy Bradfield42:08Yes
0Jason Bradfield49:08Yes
0Helen Rich47:00Yes
0Simon Rich50:00Yes
0Pamella Dixon:48Yes
0Lorraine Grindrod Clacton Seafront Runners 50:00Yes
0Julie Franklin:55Yes