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EventIpswich Twilight 10k
ReportFour members of Harwich Runners were among the 1295 finishers at the high quality Ipswich Twilight 10km race. Becky McCorquodale had a good evening; she finished 1st in the FV45 category and claimed a new club record for that group of 43m 5s. Simon Day (39m 37s and Lee Allen (40m 46s) both had decent results in the heat whilst Claire Bransby’s time of 51m 40s was her quickest of the five 10km races she has completed this year.
EventHarwich 5k Race 5
ReportThe final race in the Harwich 5km series took place last Tuesday. On a warm night the 116 runners were looking to beat their predicted times and the runner who achieved that by the biggest margin this time was Teresa Farmer. Fastest runner on the night was Graeme Knott who had a good battle with Stephen Peck. Knott crossed the line in 16 minutes 54 seconds just 4 seconds ahead of his Harwich Runners clubmate. There were also season best times for Framlingham’s Adam Howlett and Harwich’s Rob Reason who posted 17m 5s. There were a few personal best times set on the night. Angela Walton improved in each race from 31m 31s in race 1 to 28m 3s at the latest one. Kathy Barfield also manged to achieve that feat improving 3 minutes over the 5 races and her efforts were rewarded with the Director’s Cup. Kim Pretty set a new personal best of 23m 49s as did newcomer Emma MacKillop who managed 23m 18s. Also completing the distance faster than before in Harwich colours were Niall Burke, Sam Edwards and Michael Knowles. There were season best times for Andy Farthing, Nicola Challis, Justin Burls and Julian Cordwell. Richard Newman and Carrie Hook continued their comebacks from injury with encouraging performances and there was a welcome return to action for Sally Gillam. Running in a Harwich vest for the first time were Scott Brian who posted an encouraging 20m 56s and Paul Smith (24m 43s) Overall series winners were also decided in the final race with Daniel Jennings and Katie Holmes emerging victorious. Daniel Jennings achieved the rare feat of improving in each of the 5 races. In the accompanying Junior run where the youngsters race over a 1 mile distance the runner who beat their predicted time by the most was Alfie Kearsley. Daisy Ward ran her fastest mile of the series (7m 9s) and was the quickest girl on the night. Eddison Barker zipped round his mile in 6m 26s and was the fastest boy. There were also best times for Jamie Carter and Alexandria Burls.. Series winners for the juniors were Harrison Cumner for the boys with Millie Henington and Daisy Ward for the girls.
EventHarwich 5k Race 4
ReportThe fourth race in the 5km series took place last week along the promenade at Harwich. A total of 127 runners took on the challenge of trying to beat their predicted times. The winner was Dennis Warner who beat his predicted time by the biggest margin, closely followed by Jason Meachen. Fastest runner on the night was Harwich’s Rob Reason whose time of 17 minutes 10 seconds was quicker than his only previous effort in the series. Fellow Harwich Runners Mark Lloyd (18m 18s) and Robin Brookes (18m 23s) both ran their quickest this year. Fastest lady for the fourth race in succession was Aiko Henington of Colchester in 18m 25s with the fastest local runner being Madeline Lewis in a seasons best 20m 41s. Despite a headwind in the first half of the race there were a good number of impressive new personal best times set. Archie Barrington recorded his 3rd PB of the series lowering his time by another 14 seconds to 18m 34s. There was a big leap forward for Lee Allen who ran inside 19 minutes for the first time, recording 18m 39s. Becky McCorquodale keeps threatening club records at the moment and narrowly missed out by just 3 seconds on the best V45 mark of 20m 44s here. There were also good gains for Ellie Haynes (22m 23s), Harry Young (21m 35s) and Valentina Burley (25m 48s). Trevor Lewis ducked under 22 minutes for the first time whilst Kim Pretty continues to improve with his first sub 24 minute time. Others grabbing new personal best times included Stuart Raffle, Kathy Barfield, Marcus Turner and Emma MacKillop. In the accompanying Junior race, run on the rock hard sports field over a 1 mile distance, the youngsters were trying to beat their predicted times by the biggest margin too. Race winner by a long way was Jude Lynch who smashed his predicted time by a huge amount. Fastest boy was Archie Henington in 6m 19s whilst the quickest time recorded by a girl was the 6m 55s recorded by Amy Thompson. There were new best times set by both Bella and Daisy Ward as well as Jamie Carter whilst Eleanor Newman matched her previous best.
EventGreat Bentley Friday 5
ReportThe ever popular Great Bentley Friday 5 mile race took place last week. On paper this is the quickest race of the 5 mile series and has always been seen as a good, competitive local race. This year 423 runners completed the race and over 50 members of Harwich Runners were among them. The night was probably a bit warm for really fast times but nonetheless there were some good performances overall together with various good age category placings. First Harwich Runner home was Rob Reason who hasn’t raced much since April’s marathon in 9th place and in a decent time of 28 minutes 4 seconds. Mark Lloyd continues his comeback from injury with a quicker time than his outing at Lawford the previous week; 29m 31s enough to secure 3rd place in his age category (MV45). Claudine Benstead beat her own 5 mile club record for her FV55 category; her time of 33m 51s was also enough to secure 2nd in that age group on the night. 3rd in the FV35 group was Madeline Lewis who came within 4 seconds of her personal best in 33m 57s. There were also 3rd place category finishes for Anne Herbert (FV60) and Bill Haining (MV60). Becky McCorquodale has been going really strongly recently and was 2nd in the FV45 group almost matching her recently club record of 34m 20s. There were a couple of new personal bests recorded on the mostly flat course with Michael Ball (36m 54s) and Valentina Burley (41m 54s) going quicker here than ever before. Matthew Friend completed his first ever race for the club, finishing in 33m 50s and there were also encouraging first appearances at the 5 mile distance for Karen Barker, Lian Meachen, Chris Elliott, Jules Lawrence and Trevor Lewis.
EventSummer handicap
ReportAlways a popular race for Harwich Runner members, the summer 5 mile handicap race took place last Tuesday. Run on a flat course on quiet country roads behind Lawford the measured route offers a good opportunity for people to challenge their best times. With runners trying to beat carefully calculated predicted times, many overcame the hot evening conditions to record new personal best times. The runner who beat his predicted time by the most was Jez Downs who is returning from injury and did well to post 40 minutes 21 seconds. Fastest runner on the night was Graeme Knott who zipped round in 28m 12s whilst Mark Lloyd continues his comeback and was the only other runner to duck under the 30 minute barrier (29m 56s). The two fastest ladies finished within a few seconds of each other. Becky McCorquodale crossed the line in 34m 20s with Madeline Lewis just 7 seconds behind. There were a number of impressive personal best times recorded. Lee Allen continues to improve and managed a swift 30m 57 whilst Archie Barrington (31m 17s) and Mark Higgs (33m 11s) are also becoming stronger runners. Kris Dalby has shown terrific improvement over the last 2 years and improved another 2 minutes to 42m 7s. There were big gains made by Ruth Benham (40m 30s), Kelly Peck (49m) and Valentina Burley (41m 55s) and Ian Bolton (37m 54s). Alan Gardner, Harry Young, Christina Pretty and Helen Benham all recorded new best times whilst Faye Elliott, Andy Thorne, Jean Weir, Katie Holmes, Niall Burke also completed the distance faster than ever before. Also there were some runners running their first 5 mile race for the club including Alexander McCreadie (36m 27s), Emma McKillop (40m 46s), Samie Franklin (44m 59s) and Trevor Lewis (36m 48s) Mark Rutter narrowly missed out on a club record for his age at the 5 mile race (32m 26s) but also ran a one mile challenge a few days earlier managing a decent 5m 35s for that distance.
EventHarwich 5k Race 3
ReportThe third race in the Harwich 5km handicap series took place last Tuesday on the promenade. Conditions were warm but 84 of the 145 runners managed to beat their predicted times. The runner who managed that by the biggest margin was Ellie Haynes of Harwich, closely followed by Kathy Barfield and Niall Burke. Fastest runner on the night was Danny Millward of Colchester who sped round the course in 17 minutes exactly with his closest challenge coming from Harwich’s Graeme Knott who finished just 8 seconds behind. Fastest lady for the third race out of three was Aiko Henington of Colchester in 18m 22s. This race saw a welcome return to action for Mark Lloyd who clocked a good 18m 22s just two days after completing the Harwich Sprint Triathlon. Young Archie Barrington continues to improve with a new personal best of 18m 48s. Mark Higgs ducked under 20 minutes for the first time and will be looking to lower his time of 19m 55s in the final two races of the series. Kris Dalby has recorded a personal best in each of the three race so far this year, the latest being 25m 48s whilst Kim Pretty continues to improve with a new best of 24m 13s. Also running their fastest times were Alexander McCreadie and Helen Benham. Karen Stapleton, Trevor Lewis, Ruth Benham and Sam Edwards recorded their quickest times since joining Harwich Runners There were season best times for Becky McCorquodale, Peter Fraser-Hopewell, Ian Bolton and Kathy Barfield whilst Katie Holmes posted her fastest time since returning to the club In the accompanying Junior race run over a mile there were some very fast times recorded. Eddison Barker posted the quickest time of 6m 15s, 3 seconds ahead of Archie Henington. Amy Thompson was the quickest girl in 6m 39s. The runner who beat their predicted time by the most and therefore the race winner was Darcy Peck who also completed the course faster than ever before. Others recording their best times were Daisy Ward, Jemima Garner and Molly Richardson
EventHarwich Runners Sprint Triathlon
ReportThe Harwich Sprint triathlon took place last weekend with its centre at Dovercourt swimming pool. After swimming 12 lengths of the 25 metre pool, the athletes then tackled a 24km cycle ride out of Harwich via Ramsey to Wix and back through Great Oakley. The final effort was a 5km run along the seafront. James Hayward of Ipswich was the overall winner again having won in 2017, completing the 3 phases in a total of 1 hour 1 minute and 43 seconds. The fastest lady overall was also from Ipswich, Claire Weller finished 3rd overall in 1h 4m 37s. A number of Harwich Runner members took part. First of those to finish was Mark Lloyd returning from injury to take 4th place in 1h 4m 54s. Mark Lloyd made up good time in the cycle leg, finishing 4th quickest to set himself up well for the run over which he was second fastest overall in 18m 17s. Dennis Warner was the next quickest from Harwich on the bike .Last year’s runner up at this event was Simon Day and he placed 6th this year in 1h 5m 18s. Simon Day was 4th quickest in the swim leg. Justin Burls and Dennis Warner did well to take 11th and 12th place in the field of 171 finishers. There were also strong placings for Jules Lawrence, Archie Barrington and Jonathan Burls. Becky McCorquodale and Elspeth Knott both finished within the first 20 ladies. Of all the swim times, Katie Holmes was the quickest from Harwich to complete the 12 lengths, taking just 4m 6s to finish the 300 metres in the pool.
ReportHarwich Runners staged and participated in a different type of event last weekend. They invited runners to discover how many miles they could cover in a 24 hour period, either on their own or as part of a team. The response was terrific with 54 runners taking on the challenge as a solo runner and 53 teams of between 2 and 8 people taking part. Taking place on a 2.5 mile off road course at Weeley the event ran from noon Saturday and was blessed with warm, dry conditions. The solo runner who completed the furthest distance was Nate Filer. His 46 laps equated to a colossal distance of 115 miles covered in the 24 hour period. Five members of host club Harwich also entered as solo runners. James Mann completed 67.5 miles whilst both Penny Barrington and Clair Block managed 50 miles each. Clare McKenna (27.5 miles) and Dean Splarn (22.5 miles) were the other two tackling the challenge on their own. Of the teams that entered there was no surprise that the team which covered the most distance was one of the teams with the maximum number of 8 members. They were from Harwich and between them they completed an impressive 200 miles in the time. Rob Reason, Steve Cooper and Simon Day all completed 30 miles each with Robin Brookes, Graeme Knott, Kate Hodgkiss, Claudine Benstead and Justin Cooper-Keeble all adding valuable miles to the total. Another team of 8 from Harwich managed to clock up 132.5 miles between them. Kris Dalby, Becky McCorquodale and Lian Meachen all ran 20 miles each supported by David Pleace, Marcus Turner, Katherine Pleace, Jason Meachen and Jez Downs. There were two teams of 6 comprised solely of Harwich runners. The all-female team of Madeline Lewis, Nicola Flatt, Claire Bransby, Helen Benham, Anne Herbert and Ruth Benham all ran at least 25 miles each and completing 152.5 miles between them. Sadly Lewis missed out on an extra lap for the team, being timed out with mere metres of the lap to complete. Managing 160 miles between them were Elspeth Knott, Matt Doran, Ian Cannons and Will Roxby-Clarke who all ran 27.5 miles each with a further 25 being added by Sarah Roxby-Clarke and Richard Newman. Fastest lap of the day was by in form Harwich Runner Gavin Race, who sped round in 14m 4s to help his social team. Andrew Thorn and Anna Young tackled the challenge as a duo. Thorn completed 40 miles and Young 52.5 giving them an impressive 92.5 miles between them. Finally a team of 4 runners consisting of Jeff Higgon, Ann Piercy, Jo Higgon and Katie Holmes picked off a very good 117.5 miles in total.
EventHarwich 5k Race 2
ReportThe second race in the Harwich 5k handicap series took place on the promenade last Tuesday. With a strong wind for the 156 runners to battle against in during the first half conditions were not perfect for fast times although there were a number of good performances and some personal bests recorded. The overall winner is the person who beats their predicted time by the biggest margin and on this occasion it was Matt Doran from Harwich. Barbara Law from Great Bentley was the first lady across the line. Half the field did still manage to beat their predicted time. Fastest runner on the night was Harwich’s Steve Cooper who did exceptionally well to duck a couple of seconds under 17 minutes which he hadn’t managed since 2008. Cooper crossed the line 18 seconds clear of the next fastest finisher recording the best time of the series so far. Quickest lady for the second race in succession was Aiko Henington from Colchester who completed the course in 18 minutes 43 seconds. Biggest personal best times of the day were recorded by Gavin Race who improved a further 24 seconds from the first race to finish third fastest in 17m 16s and Lee Allen who recorded a magnificent 19m 1s. Archie Barrington has bettered the 19 minute mark on the parkrun course and managed it at the series for the first time with 18m 52s. Running a stunning 80 seconds faster than ever before was Harry Young who now boasts a personal best time of 22m 7s. Also recording new best times were Anne Herbert (25m 8s), Andrew Thorn (23m 40s) and Lian Meachen (31m 32s). Kris Dalby continues to improve with a showing of 26m 5s on the night whilst new Harwich Runners club members Samantha Edwards, Karl Leach, Simon Garner and Karen Barker continue to improve. Mark Rutter is returning to form, bettering his own MV55 club record by another 17 seconds (18m 50s). In the accompanying Junior race, 22 youngsters ran the one mile course. Aidan Downs beat his predicted time by the most, enjoying crossing the line first and stopping the watch at 7m 7s comfortably clear of Eleanor Newman in second place. Fastest girl on the night was Amy Thompson who sped round in 6m 53s just 2 seconds slower than the fastest boy Archie Henington.
EventThe Aspall 2018 Debenham Run
ReportBecky McCorquodale took on an off road 5k race at Debenham near Ipswich. She placed well, 5th overall and 2nd lady in a time of 23m 8s.

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