Juniors meet the first and third Saturday of each month. Meet outside the cricket club in Low Road 10:00am - 11:00am Children need to be over eight years old and will be able to participate in the following club events -

Level 2 Coach: Carol Cordwell (01206 395103) Level 1 Coach: Trevor Matthews (07460732480) Level 1 Coaches : Becca McCrea Harwich Juniors is open to any children between 8 years and 14 years. There are always at least 2 adults present at a session. We meet at 10am at the Low Road carpark outside the Cricket Club at Dovercourt. The session lasts for around 45 minutes, so we are finished by 11am. Children can choose what they wear but they must have trainers on. All the training is outside so we adapt to the weather. The training provided is aimed at all abilities and ages, so that everyone can join in at their own pace. We try to provide a fun introduction to running while showing techniques which will help in the long term. Sessions begin with a warm up, then drills and the main part of the session (sprints, endurance, pace, etc). We have recovery activities with games and normally finish with relays. We have training sessions on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of the month. We don’t have any sessions in August. If you are interested, why don’t you come and try a few sessions to see if you like it? The cost for the year for all Juniors is £10. This is renewable in April. MARCH 2015: MEMBERSHIP IS NOW UP FOR REMEWAL. You may have been sent your renewals on line, but we have forms if you have not received them. The subs for the year are £10 for all Juniors. If you are over 11 years you have the option to join the UKA for an extra £12. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me Carol Cordwell on 01206 395103.
06-01-20JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL 2018/19 The annual membership for all members of Harwich Runners is due on the 1st April 2018. This is a one off payment for the year and very important, especially for insurance cover. The fee for the year is valid until 31st March 2019. Annual membership for all juniors between the ages of 7 and 16 years is £10. As last year, the club will be affiliating to both UKA & ARC this year. There will be no charge to the member for ARC affiliation as it is covered in the fees that the club pays. You will have the option of affiliating to UKA in the year that you reach 11 years of age when you renew or join, and if you choose this option it will be done for you as before. The UKA fees are £15 on April 1st 2018. This year, members can choose to pay in the following ways:- 1. Cash 2. Cheque made payable to Harwich Runners 3. Bank transfer For option 3 the Clubs Bank details are Sort Code 09-01-55 A/C no 03705187. If you pay in this way, it is important that you write your name in the reference box so I know you have paid. All members please complete the attached form as this will let me check that I have all your up to date contact details. Return the form with your payment if paying by cash or cheque at the club or post to 2 TCK Cottages, The Heath, Mistley, CO11 2QJ. If paying by bank transfer or standing order, please either print the form or attach as an email so I can check your details - will@hawrichrunners.co.uk. Forms can also be given to Carol and Trevor. Happy running!! William Roxby-Clarke Membership Secretary website
07-01-20March 2018 It has been very busy since January. We have welcomed some new faces which is always nice. We have been doing a mixture of training on the grass and the seafront. It has been great to see everyone dressing sensibly for the colder weather. We still have one Cross Country left. This is the Halstead cross Country on Sunday 11th March which had to be rescheduled. It has been lovely to see the large attendance of Juniors taking part and we have been very impressed with the results. We will shortly have information on the Bromley 2K Childrens race which takes place on Sunday 8th April. Details will be sent out shortly. We have the 1 mile handicap races that you can take part in on a Tuesday night, starting on Tuesday the 8th May. More details to follow. Please note that there will be no Junior Training on Saturday 30th June. Membership for the year is now up for renewal. You may be sent your membership renewals on line but we have forms in case you do not receive them. The subs for the year are £10 for all Juniors. If you are over 11 years you have the option to join the UKA for an extra £15. Our Easter run will be on Saturday 31st March. This is open to children of all ages. Please see details attached. We still meet at the Cricket club, off Low Road, Dovercourt and everyone between the ages of 8 and 14 years is welcome. We start at 10am and finish around 45 minutes later. The aim is to provide a session which is suitable for all ages. We can also sign a Passport of Learning if you have one. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know. website
08-01-20January 2018 On Saturday 16th December on a cold morning we held our Christmas run. A game of shark attack led by Trevor was followed by a fun warm up which prepared our 40+ children for their two laps of our 1 mile run. Before they began we presented the trophies for 2107. Always very difficult to choose who should receive them, we finally chose: Junior Runner of 2017 -- Tony Greenwood Most Improved Junior Runner of 2017 -- Corey Hare The children gave Father Christmas and his elf helper Archie a head start as they led them around the course. First to cross the finish line was Michael Knowles, followed by Eddison Barker and then in third place came Max, closely followed by Jamie and the rest of the runners. Everyone had a present from Father Christmas. We would like to thank all those who came and all of our helpers including Janet, Marilyn, Archie, Trevor and Father Christmas. The Cross Countries have been well attended and a lot of the Juniors now take part in the park runs. It is nice to see everyone taking part in other running events. We have had a good attendance at the training sessions and everyone has been working hard. It has been lovely to see quite a few new members over the past months. Please remember that the weather is getting colder, so please have enough clothes on including gloves and hats. There are still three more cross countries to go: Sunday 14th January at the Suffolk Food Hall in Ipswich, Sunday 18th February at Hadleigh and now on Sunday 11th March the Halstead cross country has been rescheduled. (This had been cancelled in December due to the snow). There are several more runs to look forward to, our 1 mile runs during the 5K series, our Easter run and a 1 mile run at Little Bromley on Sunday 8th April. We will give you more details as the runs get closer. We still meet at the Cricket club, off Low Road, Dovercourt and everyone between the ages of 8 and 14 years is welcome. The session starts at 10am and finishes around 45 minutes later. The aim is to provide a session that is suitable for all ages and abilities. Please remember that if you have a Passport for Learning we can sign this for you. website
09-01-20November 2017 Since September everyone has been working very hard at our Saturday sessions. It has been nice to see some new faces this term. We have done a variety of training and have been very impressed with the times the children have achieved. The cross country season has now started and we have been very pleased to see that some of you have taken part. It is always worth having a go. The weather has been quite kind to us but as it gets colder, please remember to bring enough clothing and gloves if required. There are only a few dates left before Christmas, Saturday the 18th November, Saturday the 2nd December and then our last session of 2017 on the 16th December when we will have our 1 mile Christmas run. This will be our last session of the year. We will then return on Saturday 6th January 2018. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Carol, Becca and Trevor. website
10-01-20CROSS COUNTRIES 2017/2018 Very soon the Cross country races will begin and here is some information about them. Over the winter we have a series of Cross Country races. These occur on Sundays and will start at 10am. This means that they will take place before the adult races. It is advisable to arrive around 9.30am to allow time to book in, etc. Juniors over the age of 8 years old on the race day are able to take part in each race of approximately 1 mile. The race is normally set over a part of the adult Cross Country course. It is well attended and many prizes are awarded to the winners. There are also prizes for the different age groups. Juniors now need to be members of Harwich Runners as the cross countries races are only open to club runners. Jen Cannons is our new Junior Rep and she will be booking Junior’s into the races and making a note of their results. Her email address is: jen.cannons@gmail.com . So if you are interested in taking part, please let Jen know and she will give you any additional information you need. You can also ask me. There is no charge for taking part. Please note that cross countries can be cold, wet and muddy, but most find them very enjoyable, so why not have a go. You must now run in club colours. Some people wear spikes or trail shoes to run in, but trainers are okay as well. website

Coach: Carol 01206 395103