Championship Challenge

The object of this award is give more members the chance to win an award and attend six specific races during the year and compete against other club members of a broadly similar ability.

Those who do not renew their membership will be removed from the league. New members will be slotted into the league depending on their perceived ability. This will be decided by the committee. Nominally, Peter Clarke / Peter Gooding.


For instance last season 9 members in division 2 failed to score any points. All 9 will be moved down with the top 9 in division 3 being promoted. Eventually, those who have no interest in the challenge will migrate to the lowest division.


Races run on Club Standards scoring system:

Age related:

First age related runner 60 pts (remainder pro-rata) For instance if 30 people participate the points would be reduced by 2 for the rest. Eg: 2nd 58pts; 3rd 56tps; etc


First runner again 60 pts with the remainder pro-rata. Same system as above. In this case if only 20 people raced there would be a difference of 3 points per race place.

The exact number of points will be rounded up. This will be dependant upon the number of people taking part in each race.

Dennis Warner will be responsible for the calculations. The committee will have the final say in the event of a dispute.

The top three in each of the five leagues will receive an award at the end of the year. This award will be reviewed annually by the committee. It will be decided:

2010 final result

09-04-17Bromley 10kwebsite10kLittle Bromley Church10:30
27-06-17Summer handicapwebsite5 milesLawford19:45
07-07-17Gt Bentley Friday 5website5 milesGreat Bentley Village Hall19:30
11-07-17Harwich 5k Series 4website5kHarwich Rugby Club20:00
08-10-17Tiptree 10website10 milesThurstable School10:30
29-10-1753-12 XC Springfieldwebsite5 milesWrittle College10.45 seniors 10.00
08-04-18Bromley 10kwebsite10kLittle Bromley Church10:30
29-05-18Harwich 5k Race 2website5kHarwich Rugby Club8pm
26-06-18Summer handicapwebsite5 milesLawford TBC
06-07-18Great Bentley Friday 5website5 milesGreat Bentley Village Hall19:30
28-10-18Springfield Strierswebsite5 miles10:45
18-11-18Hadleigh 10website10miles11:00
14-04-19Bromley 10kwebsite10kLittle Bromley Church10:30