Harwich Runners Membership Application & Renewal.

Our membership year runs from April to March therefore the amount new members pay varies depending on the time of year.
Junior members need to use the junior joining form
Membership renewal costs £20

Please fill in the following form

Are you a new member or a renewing member Required
Would you like a England Athletics licence (+£17). Your membership includes affiliation to ARC. To take part in events other than Harwich Runners events and those listed on the ARC site you may require an EA licence.
EA number - If you have previously held an EA licence please add its number here (numbers only)
First Name - one word a-z only, no hyphens Required
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Were you born in Essex?
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Do you hold a current first aid certificate
Are you a member of any other affiliated running club
Have you resigned from the other club
Do you want to Harwich to be 1st or 2nd claim
Can you help out at any of the following club run events
(please tick as many as you can help at)
5k series (Tuesday evenings)
Bromley 10k (early April)
Triathlon (Sun morning June)
Wix 5 (October Sun morning)
XC race (Dec - Feb Sun morning)
Under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we need your consent to store and use your personal information to share among committee members and to use for race information (x-country races, Essex relays, news reports, pictures, EA affiliation etc) If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Your clicking next is acceptance your information will be used in this way.