The Harwich Runners 5k Series Handicap entry list

Kim Pretty22:00Harwich Runners
Kevin Fitchett27:00Harwich Runners
Simon Harrison 19:20Harwich Runners
Katie Holmes24:00Harwich Runners
Jerry Walder18:40Colchester Harriers
Shaun Tye24:20Harwich Runners
Julie Manning30:00Harwich Runners
Hayley Bennett35:00Harwich Runners
Michael Knowles21:40Harwich Runners
Jennifer Griffiths35:40Harwich Runners
Tom Hancock18:20Harwich Runners
Gavin Race17:00Harwich Runners
Ann Piercy28:20Harwich
Deborah Smith28:40Harwich Runners
Alan Jackson21:20Ipswich JAFFA RC
Robert Rolka25:00Jogging made easy
Jean Wier31:20Harwich Runners
Grainne Hallahan23:00CATs
Richie Wold20:40Felixstowe Road Runners
Trish Jarvis27:00Jogging Made Easy
Chris Axford23:00Jogging Made Easy
John Dunnett24:00Capel Cheetahs
Stephen Bullen19:40Great Bentley Running Club
Valentina Burley 24:20Harwich Runners
Heidi Hogan Steele19:20Colchester Harriers
Stefan Hogan Steele28:00Colchester Harriers
Andy Hooke28:40Harwich Runners
Ian Bolton24:20Harwich Runners
Ian Cannons22:20Harwich runners
Gary C30:20Great Bentley Running Club
Kerri Barrell33:00Jogging Made Easy
Rachel Bodsworth25:00Hadleigh Hares AC
Tim Newton23:00Ipswich Jaffa RC
Adrian Crooks31:20
JULIAN CORDWELL35:00Harwich Runners
Owen Goldsmith22:20Harwich Runners
Julie Lambert33:20Harwich runners
Jason Gunn17:00Colchester Harriers
Sam Rix21:40Boxted Runners
Ben RhysLewis19:40BLC on the run
Nicola Gooding30:00Harwich Runners
Mike Vincent 22:40GBRC
Charles Keitch18:20Great Bentley Running Club
Raejohn Shiplee25:40
Lynn Tanner27:00Springfield Striders
Nicola Ranson25:00Springfield Striders
David Rout27:00Harwich Runners
Jan Harris38:40
Andrew Horner27:00Boxted Runners
Frances Bredin27:00
Gethin Hughes20:20Running Colchester
Phil Sanderson23:20Harwich Runners
Martha Spooner40:00Harwich Runners
Andrew Mills39:00
Christopher Payne20:40Harwich Runners
William Haining21:40
Jeff Higgon25:40Harwich Runners
Glenn Hobbs21:20Colchester and Tendring
Dan SteptoeThompson21:00Colchester Harriers
Jemima Garner22:40Colchester Harriers
Simon Garner23:40Harwich Runners
Lil ODea 25:40Harwich runners
Jacob Horton16:40Great Bentley Running Club
Chris Warren18:40Great Bentley
Aaron Graves16:40Tiptree Road Runners
Robert Smith18:40Colchester Harrier
Ron Mccullough24:00Ipswich Jaffa
Miranda Rayner35:00Harwich Runners
Scott Young25:00Great Bentley Running Club
Trevor Ballard21:20Harwich runners
Wayne Davis27:40jogging made easy
Christina Pretty26:00Harwich Runners
Nicola Challis22:00Harwich Runners
Kate Wills 28:00Boxted Runners
Michelle Titcombe Rogers24:40Boxted Runners
Barbara Law40:00Great Bentley Running Club
Jonathan Mann18:40
Elspeth Knott27:00HarwichRunners
Roland Knott34:00HarwichRunners
Inga Hayden Cooper24:20Great Bentley Running Club
Julie Haselwood30:20Ipswich Jaffa
Jon Burls24:40Harwich Runners
Dean Pepper23:00Great Bentley Running Club
Thomas Richardson19:20Harwich Runners
Ellie Cumner 20:40Col harriers
Peter Fraser Hopewell27:00Harwich Runners
Helen Wilson23:00Colchester Harriers
Tracey George40:00Harwich Runners
Louise Hampson26:00Boxted Runners
John Francis 20:00Harwich Runners
Catie Mattock 27:40Harwich Runners
Jason Townsend18:20Colchester and Tendring AC
Anne Varene Herbert27:00
Sue Dempsey 31:00Boxted
Lukas Groenewald30:00Boxted
Jo Higgon31:00Harwich Runners
Fran Norris22:20CHAC
Darren Barfield21:00
Stuart Raffle19:40Harwich runners
Donna Howard26:40CATs
Ben Howard 20:40CATs
Mark Jasper17:40Great Bentley Running Club
Ellen Sitton24:20Harwich runners
Taliesin Stevenson 19:20Colchester and Tendring Athletics
Sarah Brown26:40Colchester and Tendring AC
Andrew Tredget23:20Jogging Made Easy
Richard Hudd20:40
David Dines20:00boxt
Nivalda Dines29:00Boxted Runners
Zoe Dines30:00Boxted Runners
Donna Harris26:40Great Bentley Running Club
Nicholas Booth24:00Colchester and Tendring AC