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Peter Gooding
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It is not for what you may think

I need to buy a second hand bike. Before you start thinking I am considering a triathlon, duathlon or any other Ďathon, I donít want a racing bike. In fact I need the exact opposite. The main requirement is to be able to bike slowly in a straight line. I am doing a particular project which has some quite clearly defined requirements for the type of bike needed. A road bike, (a mountain bike is okay but with road wheels) a ladies bike is fine; (the general opinion is that a ladies bike is better for this than a manís). Three speed minimum, preferred twist grip handle bar gear change. A carrier on the back would be helpful, and one on the front would also be useful. A bike stand fitted and a handle bar mirror would be good. I will also need a Skid lid and I have to purchase a bike rack for a car amongst loads of other things.
I know lots of you have purchased racing bikes so maybe you have an old bike which is now redundant to your needs, (if it comes with a fully comprehensive repair and service agreement free of charge and five year money back guarantee all the better), I could well be interested. It will only need to be used about 6 times a year so not looking for a new one.



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