Harwich Half 5th April 2020

A new event for Harwich Runners... or is it? A short history of the Harwich Half is below. Harwich Runners in partnership with the Rotary Club of Harwich and Dovercourt are putting on a Half Marathon around Harwich and Dovercourt.

Further details of the route and events will be published here. Entries open in the New year

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A short history of the Harwich Half Marathon

Harwich Half Marathon in Essex England started in 1982 and continued until 1991. The early 80's running boom attracted over a thousand runners to the Harwich Half Marathon. Some of those who were enticed to try running back then, are the founders of Harwich Runners and are still involved in the club today.

Harwich Half Marathon start line 1982

The start line in 1982, a race won by Nick Rust (4th from right)

route map 1980's