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Peter Gooding
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Training Tuesday 28th Jan 2014

Tonightís training is shown on the HR web site as a Paarlauf. It will be like no Paarlauf session you have ever done before. There will actually be two Paarlaufs running at the same time, one for the faster people in the club and one for everyone else. There will be four winners tonight not the usual two. This has taken me ages to work out and I am only now putting the finishing touches to how it will work now. Donít think of it as a Paarlauf but a rep session. I have tried to take into account the feedback I have received. If you consider yourself a slower runner you will not be paired with one of the faster runners in the club, so you donít have to worry about that. Another change will be I will not be grading you tonight, you will do it yourself. I donít know your current level of fitness how far you ran at the weekend etc, so for tonightís session you will decide.
Please come and give it a go, it is only a short rep session after all. The hardest job will be mine, trying to score everyone.



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