#1 26-06-2012 22:24:08

Steve Tatum

Rat Race 26/06

Just a quick note to say I hope the Rat Race session was as good as it sounded... there was no chance I was getting off of work ...and I am gutted to have missed it.

any war stories ??


#2 27-06-2012 16:25:28

Becky McCorquodale
Harwich Runner
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Re: Rat Race 26/06

Shame you couldn't make it Steve, but will hopefully be doing it again next year as a pre-5k session (if Peter C lets me!). As for war stories...all I know of was young Jack scraping his hand toppling on the flexibility challenge and several electric shocks for various members (Trudy found hers highly delightful yikes). Have got some stunning photos though...devil



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