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Peter Gooding
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Wrabness Woods bluebells run

Wrabness Woods is at it's best in the Easter sun and there are some
quite large patches of bluebells out, which look pretty spectacular.

I will be doing a run on Easter Monday from the wood's car park.
All are welcome to join me and take in the woods and the bluebells.
Will aim to start running at 8.30 AM.

Will just be a social run at the pace of the slowest run. The distance
is just over 3 miles and it should take between 30 and 40 minutes.
If people wish they can of course carry on for a longer or faster
run after, I will have to get away though.

I know quite short notice, but perhaps one or two of you may like to
join me.


Peter Clarke

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Becky McCorquodale
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Re: Wrabness Woods bluebells run

Count me and Jason in!

It's the morning after Claire's 60's hen night though, so may still have big hair and false eyelashes (me that is, not Jason tongue). Might have to keep the pace very easy...



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