#1 14-04-2011 00:14:21

Louise Papworth
Harwich Runner
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London Marathon 2011

I hear from the Evening Gazettes report we have a new surgically enhanced runner who is quite good up front running for us on Sunday. Although the national press alleges she has pulled out.



#2 16-04-2011 09:51:53

Steve Tatum

Re: London Marathon 2011

Good Luck to everyone running tomorrow..... Go for it !! and Enjoy !!!

You have no idea just how much I`ve been sulking this past week knowing I`m not running, even the cat is keeping out of my way!!!!

Good luck again !!


#3 16-04-2011 15:27:40

Terry Smith

Re: London Marathon 2011

Good luck everyone have a great day !


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