#1 21-03-2010 20:03:29

Peter Gooding
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Can anyone keep me company?

Relay went really well, nearly forty HR's in one place, great company and the sun was shining. Big thank you to Becky and Mark for getting the troops out today. And thank you to the cake makers. Brian, Rob Jason and Graeme were flying for the men's A team. As were Becky Elspeth and Kareen, Elspeth looked as though she had a good run, looked very strong finishing. So many members doing their first Essex relay, another day to be proud of our little club. Can't wait to see the results.



#2 07-04-2010 22:13:46

Anna Anderson
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Re: Can anyone keep me company?

Hey Becky, loved your training last night even if I was left behind by my group to plod round on my own.  Tony and Elspeth caught me walking but I had a really bad stich.  Got going again and clocked 6.5 miles in total.  Really worked hard for the bits I did and had twitchy legs during the night which is always a sign for me that I have pushed myself... Sounds weird I know.  Thanks again for organising great job. Anna A



#3 08-04-2010 11:28:00

Becky McCorquodale
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Re: Can anyone keep me company?

Thanks for that, Anna smile Always good to get feedback on a session, glad you enjoyed it.



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