#1 13-12-2009 20:26:41

Terry Smith

Todays X Country Race

Dicky well done , you know that you are a born athlete , hope to see you somewhere soon preferably with my running shoes on



#2 13-12-2009 23:11:02

Gary Donoghue
Harwich Runner
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Re: Todays X Country Race

Yes. Well done Richard - definitely a baptism of...well...brown, sticky stuff today but to have survived that and to still be smiling at the end is an real achievement. Some people are disappointed in their runs today but that is only because we have such high standards and want to push ourselves ever onwards - it's a sign of how good we are these days, pushing far, far bigger clubs and more than holding our own in Pool A of the XC league. A few years ago we used to constantly flip-flop between Pool A and B - but no more it seems thanks to the continuing efforts of all of us.

I saw some great finishes out there too today - Dan Pearce who is looking stronger at every XC, Elspeth finishing strongly in a brilliant 25th, Steve Kent smiling as he sprinted hard for the line (his pic on facebook sums it all up as well as his attitude after...'loved it!') and Colin Harvey and Paul C looking ever more comfortable in their Harwich colours. Great also to see Anna Anderson out there again too!

Keep it up every one...you're doing the best little running club in the world proud!




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